What Do You Need to Hear? (video)

When I think about my own life, I have had such a hard time expressing how much somebody has meant to me. I a little bit better now than I was yesterday. It's a path that has slowly gotten better but every now and then I get stuck expressing my love. Why? It always comes down to fear. I'm scared of the response, I fear that it will not be reciprocated, fear of feeling awkward, foolish or inappropriate.

I try to tell people around me now that I love them, that I appreciate them, or that their presence is a gift. I don't always succeed in getting the words out or coming off as a weirdo... But I'm trying every day to be a better man than I was a second ago.

4 Reason to Tell Someone You Love Them

1. Life is Short

This point is stated very often, but it cannot be stressed enough. Your time here on Earth is very short. No one knows when their time will end, so it is important to make every day count. In the words of Judy Shepard, the mother of a young man who was brutally murdered because of his sexuality; "Go home, give your kids a hug, and don't let a day go by without telling them that you love them." This should be true for everyone. People should hug their loved ones and tell them that they love them every single day. Life is too short to waste time being mad at people, or to go a single day without telling people that you love them.

2. You don't know what kind of day someone is having

This is another point that people state extremely often. People have days that are tough no matter who they are. You never know, telling someone that you love them could make their day. When people are having a bad day, and nothing seems to be going right, it is simple things that can make a big difference. Hearing the words, "I love you" can change a person's entire outlook on the day.

3. You don't want to live your life with regret

No one knows how you are feeling or what you are thinking except yourself. When you talk to people and let them know what you are thinking and feeling, you let them into your head and your heart. When people do not tell someone that they love them, they end up regretting it. The person that someone loves, but are too afraid to tell usually ends up being "the one that got away".

4. You Can Spread the Love

The words you say and the feelings pass on to others are contagious. If you hurt someone, and cause them to have a bad day, then they will walk around with a negative attitude all day because someone made them upset. The same thing goes for love. If you spread love to other people, and let them know that you love them, then they will spread that love, and have a positive attitude throughout the day.

Words by: Tracy Kaske
Source: Odyssy

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