Real Men Buy Flowers (video)

Today I wanted to share something that may often get overlooked by us men. I was going to post the video, but the sponsor advertisement in the middle wasn't working for me. So please watch the video though, if you would rather listen to this information than read it.

I personally believe that giving flowers to someone is the quickest way to affect someone's life directly. Whether we realize it or not, we are spreading massive amounts of positive energy instantly into the vein of ourselves, the world, and the receiver. If you don't believe me, experiment with someone near you. Purchase something simple, one to three stems, and it doesn't necessarily have to be roses. I would suggest that you physically pick something, be a part of the inspiration, personally choose the flower based on what you think is nice or what they will find joy in.

It is so much easier to call a florist and give an order, but it lacks your influence and personality. More importantly, do it out of spontaneity, have no particular reason other than it's Tuesday or the end of a stressful week for that person. Watch as their eyes light up, see their cheeks flush, feel the warmth coming from their body. See the world change in an instant, and if you allow yourself, you will also feel those same emotions and more.

Flowers = unmanly? Think about it. Does that mean men should not:

  • Put flowers in their home and office?
  • Accept flowers from a woman?
  • Wear floral fragrances?

It’s counter-intuitive… But the answer is NO (for all of the above) The truth? Real men buy flowers. They enjoy and appreciate them. Flowers are NOT exclusively for women.


Reason #1: Flowers = Good Feelings

In general – anybody could use flowers. Regardless of their age or gender. Why? It’s because flowers are scientifically proven to elevate your mood. A study that was done at Rutgers University revealed how flowers have a direct impact on your happiness – and lessen feelings of anxiety or depression. The team behind that study also found that flowers improve your well-being when you’re older – helping you refresh your memory and promoting more social interaction.

So you can actually do some good for your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles by sending them fresh flowers. If they’re placed in a spot where they get noticed all the time – it’ll benefit those people mentally and emotionally in the long run.

Can flowers be a gift for friends? Absolutely! Let’s move past the idea of associating flowers with romance every time. You can send them to say “Thank you” or “Have a nice day” to someone you know – especially if they’re going through some struggles. I actually did that for my accountant during tax season. I wanted to brighten up her day while she was probably faced with negative emails and messages. Simple gestures like that are all about being thoughtful. And for anyone affected by your thoughtfulness – they’ll remember you for it.

Of course – you have to consider your male friends and relatives who won’t necessarily like this kind of gift. Some may find it awkward or wonder if it was meant for their partner. In their case, it’s a masculinity “barrier” that hinders their appreciation for what flowers are. But don’t share that mindset. Remember there’s a reason why flowers are a basic part of the decor in most places – including the offices of big businesses.

Take it from another study conducted at Texas A&M University. It reveals that having flowers and plants in the workplace helps one generate ideas, solve problems, and become happier with their job. Flowers can make you more productive every day. And more men would experience the legitimate power of this natural “drug” – it wasn’t for a masculinity issue. So… does that mean you must head to a flower shop to buy flowers? Not at all! Like other items, you can simply place an order and have them delivered straight to the recipient.


Reason #2: Flowers Benefit Home Life

The beauty of having flowers at home isn’t just visual – there’s a psychological element too. That was confirmed by Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School, who also works at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She performed a study on behavioral research with participants aged 25-60 – who took home fresh flowers and continued their normal lives. Those people had claimed to feel least positive during the early hours of a day. But they soon started being happier and more energetic – by looking at their flowers each morning. In less than a week, they reportedly gained stronger feelings of compassion and kindness and experienced less negativity overall. Living with flowers provided them with a boost of joy, energy, and enthusiasm at work. It was also revealed that flowers at home help improve intimate relationships – bringing family and friends closer together. And in turn, that significantly helps people fight off long-term depression.

Therefore… it’s all the more important to

  • Decorate your tables and shelves with fresh flowers (surrounded by green leaves)
  • Pick citrus colors for a bright and sunny feel, or blues/purples for a more tranquil feel
  • Place them in areas like the kitchen and dining room (to max those mood-boosting effects)


Reason #3: Men In The Past Have Worn & Enjoyed Flowers

Back to your male friends and relatives who wouldn’t want to be given flowers by anyone – this is what they should know: Men in the past have enjoyed flowers, clothing with flowers, and floral fragrances. Flowers were historically a symbol of life (and its fragility) as well as fleeting beauty. In the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, and India – flowers were seen as gifts from the gods. Those part of a higher social status could wear them or smell of them to “become closer” to their gods. Greek and Roman men also wore flowers (traditionally in the form of wreaths/garlands). The Romans would use them for religious ceremonies. But they specifically valued roses – which eventually became a universal symbol of love and romance. Emperor Julius Caesar enjoyed wearing roses. So did Alexander the Great – a king who happened to be a huge rose enthusiast. He grew his own roses, and he’d introduce them into each country he conquered.

So what do those things tell us? Flowers are NOT supposed to unmanly. There’s zero shame in including them in your style, your home, and your work environment.

We’ve already made progress with men wearing pink – so the same should be done for men buying flowers and floral shirts or products. Real men know the real value of flowers.


Author Antonio Centeno
Site Real Men Real Style