Joe Dirt and 2 Important Lessons

I thought I would share something that wasn't related to anything in particular but has meant the most to me. Joe Dirt is a silly movie that can be dismissed as immediately as it is brought up. If you don't take yourself as seriously as the critics, it's an inspiring story mixed up with a lot of campy humor. This movie has offered me inspiration to find the silver lining in the most auspicious of times.

2 Things I learned from Joe Dirt

The movie offers some themes that I think people should take advantage of

  1. not having no in your heart. Some people will openly tell you (in the nicest way possible) that you will not succeed, your dreams suck, or it could even be an internal dialogue of self-defeat. Having "No in your heart" is a beautiful mantra.
  2. Another one I have discovered recently, Home is where you make it." We all want the bigger house, the stylish car, the safer neighborhood, a better job. We think if we have more money our lives will be fuller and have a deeper meaning. Or we can choose to be happy. What goes on inside you (in your mind) is much more important in determining whether you’re happy or miserable. I finally found my Silvertown, and I hope you do as well.