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Ready to ditch the can?

We wanted to introduce you to our Soothing Unscented Shave Cream. This is a foam-free shaving cream that provides a close, even shave. Our Soothing Unscented Shave Cream is remarkably hydrating and a soothing formula with powerhouses like Aloe, Coconut Oil, Shea and Cocoa butter. We have also added Lavender Flower Water, and Calendula Flower extract and a cacophony of additional fruit extracts that leave the skin soft, moisturized and looking it's naturally best. Your razor will glide across your face and give you a relaxing and refreshing post-shave feel.

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Jojoba: The lies I’ve read and the benefits I like.

The name “jojoba” (pronounced ho-HO-ba) originated from O’odham Hohowi (an indigenous Uto-Aztecan peoples), who are credited with the name.  The O’odham people, from the Sonoran Desert in the southwest United States, treated burns with an antioxidant salve made from the paste of the jojoba nut (Edited by Steven J. Phillips & Patricia Wentworth Comus, 2000). 

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Press Release; Thirteen Thieves is Stealing the Beard Market

Recently launched a beard care company, Thirteen Thieves, for the bearded, the beard lovers and the mustachioed men of Boise and beyond. Men who have committed to the beard and mustache lifestyle and who know the importance of having an established facial hair grooming routine in place will appreciate Thirteen Thieves’ line of all natural beard care products and accessories.

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