Press Release; Thirteen Thieves is Stealing the Beard Market

Thirteen Thieves All Natural Beard Care Products

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (4/13/2015)         

Thirteen Thieves

Thirteen Thieves is Stealing the Beard Market

Local Company Offers Hand Crafted Products

Boise, Idaho: Cristian T recently launched a beard care company, Thirteen Thieves, for the bearded, the beard lovers and the mustachioed men of Boise and beyond. Men who have committed to the beard and mustache lifestyle and who know the importance of having an established facial hair grooming routine in place will appreciate Thirteen Thieves’ line of all natural beard care products and accessories. Thirteen Thieves products are necessary for properly maintaining beards and mustaches alike. Available at and locally in Boise at Jack's Barbershop, and Inked Kitties Hair Lounge, the products are made locally in Boise Idaho with only organic and all-natural ingredients. 

Thirteen Thieves owner, Cristian said "I've tried growing beards before but could never last more than a month before I shaved it all off. No one ever tells men when they consider growing facial hair just how annoying it can be. It’s like some unspoken beard rule to not talk about the itching or how rough it can feel on someone else's face." After trying unsuccessfully to grow a beard in 2013, Cristian let another year pass before he decided to try again. “This time, though, I did more research and discovered beard oil to avoid all the pitfalls I experienced earlier.” Cristian began experimenting with different oil combinations and scents until he was able to find a combination that worked for himself. "This business began very organically; I never intended to create a business from my experimentation. As I learned more and experienced the effects of what beard oil can do for somebody I was floored," Cristian reported. 

I have been a licensed barber for over four years and never put much thought into beard care other than my client's shaves, shaping or trimming needs. Even when I was in school learning the trade, beard care was never discussed, our textbook had maybe two to four pages associated with the topic. Not fully understanding the issues and concerns around individual’s beards, I felt foolish for never discussing, advising or recommending my clients take proper care of their facial hair. It was a gross disservice to them. Currently, I am proselytizing the benefits of proper beard and facial care now that I have the knowledge and the products to assist everyone with proper maintenance and addressing their needs and concerns.

With Thirteen Thieves beard care products you get relief from the itching, scratching and skin irritation that often comes with facial hair. You can expect from Thirteen Thieves Beard Oil, Balms, and Waxes:

• Superior Quality
• Made in Boise, Idaho U.S.A
• Light, won’t feel greasy on your face, absorbs quickly
• Low to no-comedogenic values, won’t clog your pores
• Excellent for sensitive skin
• Protection for your beard and facial hair from the elements
• Hydration for coarse facial hair and the skin underneath
• A healthier, lustrous, and more colorful beard
• We use Certified Organic/Kosher oils and 100% Natural Ingredients
• Vegan-friendly options
• Conditions and nourishes
• Unscented options with Natural Oils and Butters
• Smells Great

Thirteen Thieves is an all-natural, organic and vegan-friendly beard care line formulated to moisturize, condition, soften, and protect facial hair and the vital skin underneath, from the environment. This product is handmade in small batches in Boise, Idaho.  Cristian stated, "We pride ourselves on a quality product that's right for you and the environment." These products were developed by Cristian and tested first on himself. He states, "I use them daily on my beard and get additional feedback from my clients at the barber shop who use the product as well."

Thirteen Thieves is dedicated to being environmentally-conscious – from what they create to what they consume. They have conscientiously chosen to do their best to lessen the carbon footprint in the creation of their products. From the ingredients used to make Thirteen Thieves, the packaging choices recycled labeling and the way the order is shipped.

Thirteen Thieves
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Boise, Idaho 83719