Tips to Organize your Health, Life, and Spirituality (JRE Video)

This is my most loved, and longest running Podcast I have listened to that has affected my life on more than one occasion. The immense amount of information that I learn through Joe Rogan and his guests is immeasurable. He's my modern day philosopher if I could be so generous with such dramatic licensing. One of my favorite pieces of this show are the nuggets of information that is disseminated in easy to understand and applicable methods.

Chris V, the individual that posted this video said it best "these very clips have changed the way I think, I feel about myself, & the way I treat the rest of the world. Listen in a quiet place with an open mind & use the tools from the video to question how you have been living."

Even Though I am still trying to incorporate many of these thoughts, into my daily life, it is always fantastic to be reminded that you can be the hero of your own story. This video is a testament to the power of words, and when spoken from a loving human such as this. They resonate with such power that any of us can enact change in every person we meet.