The Human Desire for Intimacy

The Human Desire for Intimacy.

What is intimacy? What fidelity of closeness are we referring to and we talked about having an intimate moment with someone? To know someone so completely to be seen by them and to see them fully, to be felt and to feel the other person. Intimacy is a kind of nakedness beyond measure. Intimacy is a glimpse of what it's like when we let our guard down. Intimacy is to be radically open, radically vulnerable, absolutely exposed, naked and trembling before the other. Intimacy is a moment in which two become one. Space opens up, a cosmology of two shaped like a heart. Martin Buber refers to the space that opens up between two people who love each other the "Between." The "Between" is intersubjective where God lives.

Intimacy is the ultimate act of cosmic reassurance. It is the existential feeling of every little thing is going to be all right.

Intimacy is to see yourself reflected in absolute empathy in the iris of your lover's eye. It is feeling yourself being felt and accepted fully by your beloved.

Intimacy is when the hairs of the back of your neck stand up.

Intimacy is a musical skin orgasm and aesthetic orgasm what the French call frisson.

Intimacy is to feel safe.

Intimacy is to feel held.

Intimacy is what Joseph Campbell referred to as a womb with a view.

Intimacy is when you well up and you feel the tears coming on. You don't cry because something is sad, you cry because something is more beautiful than you expected it to be.

Intimacy is when we find out the truth, but they call catalepsis a sense of certainty from which nothing can dislodge us.

This is intimacy, and it is grand.

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