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We use the best essential oils available to us and the combinations we feel reflect our passion for being mindful while also providing some positive energy to you and your body. We offer five choices from our signature scents and 2 exclusive scents. Our core products are designed to fit any mood, any occasion, and are especially perfect for those guys who wear cologne, your beard will not be competing for dominance. For those guys that don't wear cologne, use a little extra on your neck, behind your ears, and dab a little on your wrists a couple inches from the palm of your hand.

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Tobacco and Bourbon; Our Newest Limited Edition Scent

We are proud to offer, starting June 1, our new seasonal blend dedicated to these warmer months. Our No 77 Tobacco and Bourbon will be available in out Beard Oil and Balm only, therefore it will not be available in the Ultimate Beard Kit. Our Tobacco and Bourbon products have a mellow, woodsy scent like fine pipe tobacco or just cut tobacco leaves, with just a whiff of cherry wood. You will also notice a fresh, citrus top with juniper berries.

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