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In Today’s Rush, We All Think Too Much

Just be, is something I frequently see in today's media but does anybody really, know what that means? If we do not know the immediate answer, some of our social circles may provide a definition, or a quick google search will produce a laundry list of information but what does it mean to you? Right now, how would you define "Just be?" If you read a sign that said "Just Be," how would you respond or how would you feel? Would it blur into the background with all the other words that occupy signs that inundate us daily?

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Slow Down and 27 Ways to Do it

We all know that life is busy, we can all agree with that. What we need to do is slow down or pause life. I have been practicing this for a couple of weeks now and have begun noticing more people and life around me. I've watched a beautiful woman literally stop a conversation and walk, just to smell flowers and gaze at their beauty. The above quote, I don't know if any words are truer than this. Please, I encourage myself and hope to inspire you to live your life fully. Communicate, especially make sure it is done fully, things are always left assumed and unsaid that create horrible mishaps later. Eat, be, do, and LOVE fully "It's not too late to fall in love with your life," you just have to start.

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