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Father's Day 2017

Americans celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of every June. This holiday celebrates fathers and fatherhood in general, including father figures such as guardians and grandfathers. The occasion is marked by giving a gift to one’s father or spending time with him. It is a time set aside to value a father’s role in one’s life and to reflect upon paternal bonding.

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Announcing our newest Kit

Available now for those unbearded, clean-cut men in your life. Our luxurious complete wet shaving kit. This kit comes complete with a 2 oz Unscented Pre Shave Oil, 8 oz Unscented Creamy Shaving Cream, 1 oz Unscented AHA Aftershave Lotion, and 2 oz of our newest Woodsy Citrus Nourishing Oil. The Nourishing Oil is perfect for hair, skin, hands, feet, etc. It adds a very silky smooth finish to any shave.

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