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The Hero's Journey (video)

We might ask, why explore the Hero’s Journey? Sure, Hollywood uses it as their dominant story structure for its films (more on that later), but what relevance does it have for us as individuals? Today, when we speak of “myth,” we refer to something that’s commonly believed, but untrue. Myth, for people like Campbell and Jung however, had a much deeper meaning. Myths, for them, represent dreams of the collective psyche. That is, in understanding the symbolic meaning of a myth, you come to know the psychological undercurrent—including hidden motivations, tensions, and desires—of the people.

And because the hero’s journey represents a monomyth that we can observe in most, if not all, cultures, it represents a process that is relevant to the entire human family.

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Awakening to a Superhero

There is a superhero within each of us with unlimited powers to awaken and overcome the limitations we create in our minds. Most people, however, never realize the true potential of these powers, due to the unconscious influences of fear, doubt, and judgment, which subtly act as kryptonite, keeping these powers subdued and the truth of who we are trapped in an illusion of our more mild-mannered alter egos.

The truth is, that beyond our identity of who we think we are, we are truly unlimited and invincible beings. And this, at its root, is the journey that each of us is here to discover.

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