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Where To Go For The World's Best Stargazing

On a clear, dark night, the sky lights up with millions of stars, the brightest of which form a glowing band from one horizon to the other. That band is the tiny slice of our galaxy, the Milky Way, that can be seen from Earth. Unfortunately, a 2016 study found that in a whopping 80 percent of North America and 60 percent of Europe, you can't see the Milky Way at all because of the light pollution. This isn't just a shame for stargazers; it's a real hazard for the natural world. Artificial light can disrupt bird migration, alter the behavior of insects, and mess with plants' seasonal cycles.

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Love is a Drug (Shots of Awe Video)

We live in an increasingly cynical age where romantic love has been distilled into algorithms of data. Where love is reduced to nothing more than the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Biochemically, no different than an addiction to cocaine. Imagine that, right? The romantic passion of the lover, reduced to a coke head on a coke binge. There's something kind of cynical about this resignation, about letting go of that ecstasy of love that inspired the Romeo and Juliet story. The archetype of finding "The One," that is as God.

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