Simple, Clean, and Healthy

Simple Clean and Healthy Thirteen Thieves

Simple, Clean, and Healthy

Simple, Clean, and Healthy is our brand philosophy. When we first started, we wanted to make sure that we kept things as simple as possible. We didn’t want any confusion as to who we are and what we do. We offer our products with a cruelty-free mindset; and we didn’t want to cause any harm to people, animals, or the world. We are all faced with complex challenges and what you put on your body shouldn’t be one of them.

Being clean was another import factor for us. First, and foremost it was essential that our products didn’t contain any harmful chemicals and additives and that our products stayed as natural as possible. Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products we place on it and being that it is our biggest organ, we should be somewhat concerned with what we do to it or at least make attempts to take care of it. We genuinely believe that the cleaner we are in health, nutrition, and mental health, the better and more productive we can be to ourselves and the world around us.

Lastly, we believe being healthly is imperative for us as a brand, company, and as a fellow human. We don’t expect everyone to be pillars of health, we all have our struggles and compromises, but we will always stress the need to be just 1% better than you were yesterday. Positive thinking, self-confidence, sleep, and skin care are also critical to your health besides the right foods and exercise. 
We aren’t necessarily looking to change the world, but if we can help one person, including ourselves, then it is all worth our time and energy, and subsequently, the world might change as a result. Weirder things have happened before. We are not selling anything that we don’t personally use ourselves, and you don’t have to purchase your products from us, we are just encouraging you to find awareness, motivation, or an alternative.

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