How Not to Wear a Tie

How not to wear a tie

How Not to Wear a Tie

As you start to wear ties daily or you are just beginning to explore this newer world, you should know what other people may be saying when they see you if you fall into any of these pitfalls. These are probably more aptly, fashion mistakes, but we don't have to throw shade at that level. Just know the judging of people will not leave you unscathed.

Shortly Tied Necktie

Not necessarily an issue if you are wearing a vest or sweater. However, a tie should be tied so that it ends near the middle of your belt buckle. If your tie is too short, it throws off your entire look, and I think it makes you look like a child. Most off the rack ties work for most people, but if your a taller fella most designers offer longer length ties. Make you check out these if you fit into the latter category.

Kitschy and or Novelty Themed Ties

The ties tend to come from holidays and father day gifts. Just because it was given to you as a gift doesn't necessarily mean you need to wear it out in public or to work. On the other hand, you may reach for one of these ties to show everyone that you're a guy that has a sense of humor or the life of the party. Your not while wearing that monstrosity on your neck, please don't do that to yourself.

Wrinkled and/or Stained Neckties

A necktie can become a focal point of what you are wearing. It makes no sense whatsoever to wear a wrinkled or stained necktie and if you do it is immediately noticeable to everyone who walks anywhere near you. Unfortunately, ties can not be washed or ironed because this can damage the inlay and drape of the tie.

Impossible stains may need to be dry cleaned, or you may be able to get away with hand washing. Either way, make sure to find suitable instructions for your specific tie. For wrinkles, hang your ties on a tie rack or over a hanger and the fabric will straighten itself out. Another bit of advice. Always untie your necktie after each wearing and rotate your ties, never wear the same tie two days in a row.

Clashing Colors & Patterns

When selecting your tie, choose a shade that compliments your shirt and suit. So many of us choose the wrong color and/or pattern for their outfits.

Don't get crazy with the accessories

Tie-clips and bars, tie pins and tie chains should be avoided if your tie is beginning to look like a Bennigans server from the '90s. A tie bar can be a perfect addition to your look when paired with a solid skinny tie, but you want to keep these types of necktie jewelry sleek and elegant.

Poorly Tied Ties

With the amount of YouTube tutorials out there today, there should be no reason your tie should be poorly tied. Practicing how to tie a tie will significantly help you avoid those mistakes like having tie tied to short or too long, a shoddy-looking knot that does not fill the gap between the collar, or a knot that shows any part of the narrow end of the tie.

Avoid these common tie mistakes and avoid the snickering and judgments.

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