Happy Holi


Today is the beginning of the Holi festivities. I have written about this before on other mediums and will probably continue to write about it every year. I love this celebration. If you are not familiar with it, Holi is a two-day that is knows as the ‘Festival of Colors,’ or the "Festival of Love." The first night center around a bonfire. The time is more reflective and traditionally based reflections honoring the victory of good over evil. There may be dancing and chanting around this fire; it is a celebration after all as it marks the end of winter. On the second day of Holi which more people are familiar with is the "Festival of Colors," portion of this journey where people of all ages gather in the streets. They chase each other and throw handfuls of coloured powders at anyone and everyone. You may have seen pictures of this brilliant colour splashed people (if not take a look).

This "Festival of Love," is one of the most lively, eagerly-anticipated festivals of the year. What I appreciate most about Holi is that it is about living and enjoying the moment, a beautiful moment in time to meet people, play and laugh with friends, and most importantly to forgive and forget those that have wronged us, and to help us possibly repair any broken relationships. So if anything, have fun today, spring is here!

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