Clothes that Fit

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Style Tips

Being stylish doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag whether that's financially or psychologically. The one thing that you can do today that will solve 90% of your styling problems is wearing clothes that fit. The fit is one of the most important things you can do to take your style to the next level. Face the facts, when we were clothes that don't fit properly it throws off our body proportions and gives the appearance of sloppiness. Proportionally speaking oversized clothes give the impression of carrying more pounds than what you have, or you seem shorter than usual. 

What does it mean for clothes to fit right? The following are some insights you can use as a guideline when you are out buying clothes or in deciding what to keep from the clothes in your closet now.

1. The Shoulder Seam for all shirts should follow where your arm and body connect. The top of the shoulder seam should sit as close to the top of your actual shoulder as possible.

2. Pants

Buy pants that properly ft your waist. The waist of the pants should be the same width as your waist. Pants should be easy to button and zip, and you shouldn't be holding your breath to button them up.

3.Pant Hem

The bottom of your pants or jeans should end where your leg stops, and the foot begins. If the fabric is too long, the excess material will either bunch up or drag on the floor. If they are too short, your pants will look as if they have been shrunk.

4. Shirt Cuffs 

Your hem should end where the wrist ends, and the hand starts. If you can see your forearm, it is too short. If it’s extending into the middle of your hand or covering your knuckles, it’s too long. 

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