A Movember Timeline

Movember Timeline

Thirteen Thieves Movember Prep

Sober October is winding down, and Movember is literally around the corner. We thought we would share some tips to keep in mind as you begin this fun 30-day journey. 
First up, make sure to clean and scrub this newly developing Bro-Stache (yeah I cringed a little too). Your moustache will need regular cleansing. The daily grime of life, food, beer, or virtually anything that goes into your mouth will leave its evidence on your upper lip which can build up, leaving an unpleasant odor. Use Thirteen Thieves Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Bar to cleanse your moustache and keep yesterdays activities between you and your new furry friend.

Your moustache is growing in nicely at this point but remember to condition and hydrate. Moustache maintenance isn't something we are normally taught, but facial hair tends to draw its moisture from the skin, resulting in dry, flaky patches beneath and within your mustache. Sporting a beer foam moustache won't get you there, nor will using your body lotion. Technically it could probably do the job, but the moisturizing benefits of lotions are lost and become almost ‘tangled’ or suspended within the hair which isn't easily absorbed. However, a moustache and beard oil is the solution for you.

Thirteen Thieves Beard and Moustache Oil is blended with the finest essential oils and is subtly scented. To use, rub a small amount into your moustache and skin beneath to hydrate to eliminate the flaky mess and soften that coarse hair.Thirteen Thieves Beard and Moustache Oil is blended with the finest essential oils and is subtly scented. To use, rub a small amount into your moustache and skin beneath to hydrate to eliminate the flaky mess and soften that coarse hair.

Movember Maintenance
Movember Tips

We are 10 days into Movember and I would imagine that everyone is doing spectacularly. As we continue to mark these days off you will want to keep an eye on the growth and keep shaping it every day. Growing out a moustache is all about cultivation and if you start training the hair to sweep out, you can create a part by combing the hair or by pushing the hair with your thumb and forefinger out from under the nose to the left and to the right. Doing this daily not only gives your moustache a nicer look, but it also creates an automatic appearance of maintenance. Keep growing brothers! 

Movember Guidance

18 days in, you are most likely getting some compliments on the sweet stache, or your new distinguished status. You may even be thinking you can pull off this moustache thing off as a daily ode to the mystery that is you and your recently discovered personality. Other may be getting a different type of compliment, while others may be asking how much longer will this madness continue?

Either way, it’s advisable to invest in some moustache wax for those that are opting to wear a complicated moustache fashion or even those with a more straightforward style. Moustache Wax will hold your twizzled ends in place and ensure your moustache stays neat and styled. 
Thirteen Thieves have created a wax just for moustaches. The lightly scented formula will ensure your Mo’ looks good and smells great, with various scents to choose from and made from Beeswax and Jojoba Oil. 

Movember Potential

22 days in, and if you find yourself without the proper hedging, here is something to consider. Genetics is a cruel reality that we all must face and accept if you are willing. For those that are struggling to achieve your full bush potential, there are some things that you can do that may assist the process.

Firstly, I wasn't able to validate the science in these theories, however, the benefits exceed the method. From what I read, facial hair tends to grow thickest where the blood flows more generously. One approach is to increase blood flow to your mouth by employing some facial exercises or supplements. What I would suggest if you are not keen on rubbing a potato over your jowls is to make a change in your lifestyle. Exercising will not only increase blood flow but will also increase those testosterone levels, which are associated with beard growth. A diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables also helps, along with plenty of sleep and a reduction in stress.

Movember Journey's

26 days in, we should have some growth and as we get further and further into this journey, Have you decided what your moustache style is? If you haven't, here are some ideas. These are just directions to go, please throw away the map and make your path exploring the wild world of facial journeys.

The Regent is parted in the middle, straight across the bottom, think “a well maintained Tom Selleck,”

The Handlebar frames the side of the mouth, the moustache consists of having long, curved ends that resemble the handlebars of a bicycle. Think Freddie Mercury on one end and Hulk Hogan on the other side of the spectrum.

The Boxcar was popular during the Great Depression era for men looking for a quick shave and an un-styled moustache left behind. Think Groucho Marx who wore an exaggerated version, a more temporary style would be the every day no muss no fuss stache.

The Wisp is a groomed very thin moustache. Some opinions refer to this style when cannot grow a thicker moustache. Think John Waters.

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