The Way A Man Penetrates the World

Photo by Wiebrig Krakau

Photo by Wiebrig Krakau

"The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness, and depth" ~ David Deida


Guide to being a man

In The Way of the Superior Man, Deida explores the most important issues in men’s lives—from career and family to women and intimacy to love and spirituality—to offer a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom. Join this bestselling author and internationally renowned expert on sexual spirituality for straightforward advice, empowering skills, body practices, and more to help you realize a life of fulfillment, immediately and without compromise.

1. Stop hoping for a completion of anything in life. Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. It won’t. As life continues, the creative challenge is to tussle, play and make love with the present moment while giving your unique gift.

2. Live with an open heart even if it hurts. This means if you know a girl doesn’t like you, accept it and move on.

3. Act as if your father were dead. That is, live an authentic life, not the one expected of you.

4. Know your real edge and don’t fake it. It is honorable for a man to admit his fears, resistance, and an edge of practice.

5. Always hold to your deepest realization. Make your life an ongoing process of who you are, at your deepest, most easeful levels of being. Everything other than this process is secondary.

6. Never change your mind just to please a woman.

7. Your purpose must come before your relationship.

8. Learn just beyond your edge.

9. Do it for love. The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness, and depth.

10. Enjoy your friends’ criticism. A man’s capacity to receive criticism is a measure of his capacity to receive masculine energy.

11. If you don’t know your purpose discover it now.

12. Be willing to change everything in life. A man must be prepared to give 100% to his purpose, fulfill his karma or dissolve it, and then let go of that specific form of living. He must be capable of not knowing what to do with his life, entering a period of unknowingness and waiting for a vision or a new form of purpose to emerge.

13. Don’t use your family as an excuse. Your kids are not what’s holding you back in life.

14. Don’t get lost in tasks and duties, or confuse them with your purpose. Tasks don’t get a man anywhere more conscious or free than he is capable of being in this present moment.

15. Stop hoping for your girl to get easier. A man should never think his woman’s testing is going to end and his life will get easier. Her tests may come in the form of complaining, challenging him, changing her mind, doubting him, distracting him, or even undermining his purpose in a subtle or not so subtle way. He should appreciate that she does these things to feel his strength, integrity, and openness. Her desire is for his deepest truth and love. As he grows, so will her testing.

Summary by: Minmolist