5 Powerful SuccessTips (How Successful People Play Ball)

If we are continuing to use the analogy of sports, how do you play ball? This may just be "a me" problem, but I wish they used more useful or diverse analogioes other than sports. I'm not so much a sports minded person, but I do value the information when it's presented. I just try to incorporate other images that have context for me. #4 is the one thing I have always struggled with, and something I am continuously trying to improve.

Basketball hoop in sunset

How Successful People Play Ball

Sometimes we win sometimes we lose. Not everything in life goes our way, though there are common things successful people do to give them an edge in netting the point, scoring the goal, and hitting the home run.

Here are 5 key factors that require your attention in your pursuit of success and fulfillment. Read Carefully:

“The key is not the will to win – everybody has that. It’s the will to prepare and win that is important.” ~ Bob Knight

#1) Create the Vision

If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there. You must prepare for the success you want to see.

Define what success looks like, feels like and sounds like to you. Get ready for it, make room for it. A common thread in excellence and achievement is the vision, a clear picture in the mind of an intended outcome. It is really hard to shoot a hoop if you don’t know where the hoop is. Create a vision board, digital prompt or mind map using photos, words,  pictures and colour. You don’t need to know how you are going to get there, just put it out there. Show the Universe you are serious about the life you want to create. Successful people have a clear idea of what they want their lives to look like and use practical and active steps every day to ensure they get there.

Start here: What do I want my life to look like 6 months from now?

#2) Take 100% Responsibility

It’s up to you. Take 100% responsibility. No one is coming to save you.

This can be confronting if it’s a concept you’re not used to, and it can take time to adjust. Showing up for a successful life means taking 100% responsibility for your choices and the results they bring. There is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect continuously operating and if you are not getting the results you expect, maybe it’s time to change your choices. 100% responsibility means you are it. The blame game doesn’t work here so it’s no use trying to blame your parents, circumstances from long ago, a lack of money, or being too old, or too young. There are countless stories out there of people who have overcome all of the above to live their lives to a much higher level.

Map your game play. What are the steps that need to be achieved?

#3) Be Willing

“If you give everything your best shot and learn the lessons that come with it you’ll be a winner anyway.” Jim Rohn

Be willing to go the extra mile for yourself. Pursue the life you want to live. Whether it be training, study, money, time or building mental and physical energy. Just do it. Be willing to accept change, learn to cope with it and to flow with the downs as well as the ups. Be willing to put in the effort, to pay attention to detail and to learn what NOT to do from those who have achieved their goals and dreams at the expense of their health and relationships. Be different. Be willing to adopt a holistic, flexible framework, make friends with compromise without taking your eyes off the goal, work in win-win situations to create a healthy balance and surround yourself with people who make you feel like you are sitting in the sun rather than the shade. Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people won’t. Are you one of them?

Chunk it down. Act NOW. What step can I take TODAY toward the end result?

#4) Stay Focused

Successful people hold themselves accountable and regularly use review and reflection to adjust and flow with the work-in-progress that life is. There will always be times when you wonder if it’s worth it, when it all seems too hard, you want to bury your head in the sand and you just can’t be bothered showing up for another practice. This is par for the course. Successful people have these times too. Read their stories and you’ll see that their greatest triumphs often come after their biggest setbacks, heartache or confusion. Get some help if you need to, take a break to review, reframe and refocus.  Adjust the plan if you need to but never the goal. Net the point.

Be sideline savvy. Build a back-board of strong, transparent and effective people.  

#5) Never Give up

Play to win. Despite the blocks, the elbows and penalty shots, successful people stay in the game. Time and again they shoot for the hoop. If they miss, they throw again with greater accuracy gained from wisdom and experience. See clearly the hoop you are aiming for. Don’t take your eyes off the ball. Create the vision, take 100% responsibility, be willing and stay focused. Show up to practice, practise to play and play to win. Where does quit fit? It doesn’t.

Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.

Words by: Mary Buchan
Image by: Unknown