IQ Points...

I don't think having a higher IQ is necessarily an important aspect to discerning whether you can see things or not. I always thought, you see something, or you don't, there is no middle ground. I cannot imagine objects in my mind's eye which basically means I have no imagination. Does that make my IQ score lower? I think it is silly that we put so much importance on numbers in our world.

However, to quantify this image and article, Scientists have discovered that the brains of people with high IQ are automatically more selective when it comes to perceiving moving objects, meaning that they are more likely to suppress larger and less relevant background motion. The discovery was made by asking people to watch videos showing moving bars on a computer screen. Researchers measured how long the video had to run before the individual could correctly perceive the motion. The results show that individuals with high IQ can pick up on the movement of small objects faster than low-IQ individuals can (Melnick, Michael D. et al.Current Biology, Volume 23, Issue 11, 1013-1017)

Whether you agree or not, can you see the woman in the image?

Hidden Lady in Garden