Jojoba Oil and 10 Uses and Benefits

Jojoba oil is an exceptional moisturizer for skin and scalp, which makes it an ideal ingredient to soften beards and give emolliency to the skin. When used in the hair, the oil conditions the hair shaft by lightly coating it, adding shine and manageability.

Jojoba is a liquid wax pressed from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis beans. Jojoba Oil is unique among the carrier oils because it is truly a wax, consisting almost entirely of fatty acids and alcohols, with very little triglycerides. Jojoba Oil is a waxy ester making it similar to human sebum. This makes it more readily absorbed and tolerated by the top layer of our skin. Besides, it can help to balance oil production when applied topically.

The Uses and Benefits of Jojoba

Jojoba can be used:

  1. To soothe and condition skin.
  2. To ease psoriasis (it is not a cure).
  3. To condition scalp and hair, prevent dryness, strengthen the hair shaft, restore manageability, and promote growth.
  4. To soothe dry, chapped hands.
  5. To soften cuticles.
  6. As a shaving alternative.
  7. To soothe skin after hair removal.
  8. As a massage medium.
  9. As a carrier for essential oils and perfumes.
  10. To remove makeup and cleanse the pores.

Pure jojoba is used because:

  1. It’s non-allergenic and can be used on sensitive skin (it’s gentle enough for newborn babies).
  2. It mixes naturally with our skin’s fluid.
  3. It does not stain and can be washed out with hot water and detergent.
  4. It has a faint earthy scent, which is barely noticeable to most people.
  5. It has an indefinite shelf life and does not turn rancid, like oils do.