Send Me an Angel and My Thoughts (video)

Today was a weird day for me. People seemed a little tenser than normal, feelings were more prominent on the sleeve. Even joking around appeared to be a little meaner than normal, with just a smidge of judging. The night wasn't so much better, I felt disconnected, and vulnerable with my thoughts.

I watched an old movie called Rad, I haven't watched that in 6 or 7 years. If you aren't familiar, It is a movie about BMX Freestyle Biking with a character who overcomes the obstacles that are trying to prevent him participating in the BMX race called Helltrack. It was fun to reminisce and remember my friends and me at the time sitting in front of a TV mesmerized, thinking that this was the coolest movie ever. As soon as it was done, we would immediately try to recreate the tricks we just watched only to suffer road rash, scratched elbows and wounded egos. We were 11 at the time, so I don't really think it was as bad as I remember.

It felt so good to remember those times and the simplicity of my concerns and thoughts. One of the defining moments of the movie involves a "School type" dance, and the song Send Me An Angel. This song played the other during my New Wave Music feast. When the song played, I could remember everything about the dance scene. As I listened to the song, I felt myself tear up, as usual, I am unsure the reason why this song does this, but it happens. For a while, I had stopped listening to the song because every time I would hear it I would tear up like clockwork. Ultimately this is what inspired me to watch the movie again especially today with all the uncertainty. I wanted to remember some magic in my life, and of course, when the dance scene came on I cried. So I thought I would share this song with you, and hope you hade the best of days that full of happiness and gratitude. I would encourage you to watch the movie, its dated, its silly, and it is still Rad.