Ready for that AHA moment?

Thirteen Thieves Aftershave

Ready for that AHA moment? Are you searching for a radiating youthful glow? Want a smooth, renewed, fresh-faced after shave shine? Our AHA Unscented After Shave Lotion may just be the thing you have been searching for. This lightweight lotion absorbs immediately, instantly soothing skin after shaving. Our After Shave Lotion was formulated with an Organic Aloe base, calming Organic Calendula and Lavender, moisture-rich Organic Coconut and Jojoba Oil helps to calm razor burn and relieve dryness. Say goodbye to dry, bumpy, uneven skin since this After Shave also encourage your skin to look it’s very best. Working as nature's retexturizing master, this will help refine and brighten, leaving skin feeling soft, supple and revived. Besides being an impressive product, it is balanced for the skin’s pH between 3.5 to 4.2 and excellent for sensitive skin. pick up this one-ounce lotion through Thirteen Thieves, also available in our Shave Kit.