Compassion Is the Ultimate Expression of Our Better Selves

All of the spiritual traditions of the world agree that compassion is the ultimate expression of our better selves, of human morality. ~ Matthew Fox The Hidden Spirituality of Men
Matthew Fox Quote Spiritual Traditions

This morning’s meditation focused on compassion and nonjudgment. This is something that we and the entire world need a lot more of. Do you ever think about compassion and how you can bring more of it to yourself and to those around you? It’s true that it can be hard sometimes as the people that need compassion the most can also be those who push our buttons and make us want to close up and pull away.

I love the expression “Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.” Over the years, I’ve learned to be much softer with people in my life that I perceived as being hard on me. I now know that they treated me the way they treat themselves which is with judgment and not a lot of love.

I used to be frustrated and disappointed that I wasn’t getting the love or approval I needed but now I understand it’s because they don’t have that to give (to themselves or others) and that is actually sad. So today, when I am in contact with such a person, I don’t waste energy on getting upset. I just send some compassion their way and move on.

It’s not to say to let people walk all over you but just try to find the balance between letting your ego take over because it has been hurt and seeing if maybe kindness and acceptance are the answers to the situation. Rise above the drama and the fear. Tap into your source of compassion and be the highest version of your Self. Have a lovely day! xx

Words by: Geneviève Colmer
Source: The Red Fairy Project