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Lisa R Beard Oil and Balm Review

This was a Christmas gift. I got one for each of my two cousins. They have icky Duck Dynasty beards. I thought this would help tame them. They loved the kit and scent of the oil and balm. It was fantastic. Thanks so much! ★★★★★ Lisa R

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Maxime L Rich Forest Beard Balm Review

After using another one of thirteen thieves beard products I had to try my other favorite smell. Rich forest makes me feel like I'm back in the woods where I spent my childhood, and I love it! ★★★★★ Maxime L

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Maxime L Beard Balm Review

My favorite brand of beard balm, keeps my face-fur in great shape and incredibly soft. a touch of this product makes you feel better and more confident in general when you leave the house ★★★★★ Maxime L

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