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Thirteen Thieves Handmade in Boise ID

Everything you see from Thirteen Thieves has that handmade feeling. We designed our labels to reflect some of our goals. We use recycled grocery bags or kraft paper to be grounded and remind us to be conscious of the earth. We created all the blends from the oils we use for the scent to the composition of the base oils. We mix up and pour every product we have assuring that our quality standards are met. We cut, glue, and apply every label to every single bottle, tin, tube, or jar we sell. Before any order leaves us, we individually package your order and include a personalized note. We believe you should know how grateful we are and ultimately we want to spread some positive energy to you and your circles. Our commitment to handmade is in everything we do and reflects in every product you purchase.

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Sesame Seed Oil and 9 Incredible Benefits

9 Incredible Benefits Of Sesame Oil Sesame Seed Oil is known around the world as the symbol of immortality and life. Sesame Seed is respected in many parts of the world for detoxification and purification. Sesame Seed Oil is rich in two important compounds, sasamine and sesamol, that together with beta-sitosterol and high levels of essential fatty, and polyunsaturated, acids gives Sesame Seed Oil restructuring and, antioxidant, activity.

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Hempseed Oil and 5 Supportive Benefits

We considered this to be nature's perfect oil. Other smart people have shown that Hempseed oil can dramatically decrease skin dryness and alleviate itching and irritation. Hemp oil contains a combination of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, the most beneficial fatty acids (considered Ideal) found in hemp oil are omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. Your hair is mainly protein and needs a good supply of these nutrients to maintain overall strength and beauty. Other than essential fatty acids and vitamin E, hemp oil is 25% protein. The protein repairs cell damage and can strengthen the hair and has emollient properties that maintain moisture condition.

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