8 Ways to Save Money

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How to Save Money

One of the things I have been working on that I think will benefit a lot of people is something that lights up our eyes whenever we think about it. On the other hand, we may hate the sound of the word, or it makes us feel completely alone because we don't have it. Money is the word of the day. The further down this path I travel, many of my viewpoints have changed for the better. For example, I do not see money as either “good” or “bad,” but rather it is neutral or just something that is a part of this life. For money to be either "good" or "bad," I have to place that perception on it, I am the one who places a value on it. Through some reading I have come to realize that money, truly is; an exchange of energy. It is the exchange of one service for another. Please don't misinterpret that to mean I am completely Zen on money, but I do try to keep things in perspective. A lot of times I fail, and other times I do ok, but I really try to maintain the idea that money is energy. Money is Energy, Money is Energy.

Therefore I thought I would share these tips that I found. These are about saving money for a trip out of the country, but I thought the tips were solid, can be challenging, but completely doable.

1. Stop Going Out

Instead of spending too much money at a club or movie theater, invite friends over to your place for a movie night. Get outside and go on a hike.

2. Cook More

Now is a good time to learn the art of cooking. It’s entirely possible to buy low-cost, healthy ingredients, and cook your own tasty meals at home.

3. Shop Around

Compare prices in your local markets. Amazon is not always the least expensive alternative.

4,5,6 Luxury, Monthly, and Whatnot

I would call these things monthly luxuries. I would also include monthly subscriptions that are not used at all or used seldom. If you are one of those that still have a landline, do you still use it? If using your Cellphone exclusively can you cut expenses there? Cut the cord! Ditch cable or satellite service. I would encourage you to stop watching tv all together and make it a treat when you do watch something. Quit The Gym, utilize the free stuff all around you. Go running, hiking, or practice bodyweight exercise routines outside while enjoying nature! 

7. Slash Your Shopping

No, you don’t need the latest smartphone. No, you don’t need new clothes every month. No, you don’t need 5 different shades of lipstick.

8. Reduce Utilities

Turn down your air conditioning and use a fan or wear a sweater. Unplug electronics when not in use. Take shorter showers.

I am not saying this is the end all be all list, but it is a start. Smart choices will get you to where you want to be. Fall in love with your money and don't give it away so freely. Treat it as if it is your child, your lover, or wife... get crazy with the metaphors, just don't give it away for anything less than what you feel deserves your energy.

Tips provided by Matthew Karsten
Source Expert Vagabond