Everything That Happened, You Never Saw It Coming

I think the greatest things that can happen in your life are those moments we do not expect. The pieces of our lives that take an infinite amount of actions and movements for these "greatest" things to occur. For me, to be in my current situation, I cannot even contemplate the activities and performances that were played out to bring me here, at this moment in time. Similar to everyone's story I have had heartbreak and loss, some joy and a considerable amount of pain. It is baffling even to try to comprehend those innocuous movements on the chess board, but I am certainly thankful, and my heart is full of gratitude that I am here now. Mooji nailed it; they just unfold in front of you like they were supposed to happen.

Everything that happened, you never saw it coming. The greatest things in your life, you did not expect —they simply unfolded
— Mooji
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