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Boise, ID

Thirteen Thieves is for the Distinguished Gentleman. Manly, Rugged yet Sophisticated. A man must cultivate the feeling that he has everything needed for the extravagant journey that is his life


Thirteen Thieves is for the Distinguished Gentleman. Manly, Rugged yet Sophisticated.

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Cristian Thirteen

Thirteen Thieves was designed out of a desire to grow a beard. I've always wanted to grow one out but wasn't able to last more than a month due to the itchiness and brillo pad feel. More embarrassingly I always had a consistent stream of white flakes on my shirt anytime I scratched my face. A year passed and I attempted to grow out another beard, this time however I did more research and discovered the use of beard oil as an alternative to the above mentioned ills. I began experimenting with different oil combinations and scents and discovered, having a beard to be a more enjoyable experience this time around. I spent months doing additional research and testing, finding the right balance of oils that not only worked for me but my friends as well. I naturally have sensitive skin, and wanted to make sure that these products were safe to use on me. When developing this formulation, I made sure the oils I used, had low to no comedogenic values, basically I was looking for things that wouldn't clog my pores and make me break out. 

I have been a licensed barber for over four years and never put much thought into beard care other than my clients shaves, shaping or trimming needs. Even when I was in school learning the trade, beard care was never discussed either. Not fully understanding the issues and concerns around individual’s beards, I felt foolish for never discussing, advising or recommending my clients take proper care of their facial hair, it was a grotesque disservice to them. Currently I am proselytizing the benefits of proper beard and facial care now that I have the knowledge and the products to assist everyone with proper maintenance and addressing their needs and concerns.

All of our products are hand made, and hand poured in Boise Idaho in small batches. I've had great responses on the oils and balms and look forward to you, also enjoying them as we build a new relationship that takes us into the future.